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August 18th, 2004

11:19 am: *tired*
I've been very tired. I've also not been getting enough hours at work, at least innitially. I might have to get a second job, or a different one. I'm getting really fed up with the double standards: The rest of the store, and the managers, like my change of attitude i'm bringing to the warehouse, that i'm thinking of the store as a whole unit, not that the selling part of the store is DIFFERNT from the warehouse part. Trouble is, the people that are back in the warehouse with me don't like it.

I'm going to good off for a while now, i dont' work till 5 this evening.


July 30th, 2004

08:44 am: i've been WOOOOOORRRRRKINGGGG!!
Four days of 12 hour shifts, over night. That's what Sunday night till Thursday morning was like. To give you an idea of how tired i was:

I went to bed when i got home thursday morning at 9AM, and slept till Jessica H. called me at 6pm. I then went about cleaning some... ok, not much at all, but then i went to bed again at 1AM.... and slept till 8AM! WOW was i tired, apparently.

Now, i'm packing till it's closer to 10AM, i'm then going to run over to work, pick up my check (and in the proccess get a pay stub that i might need for getting my appartment... i'm getting to that), then deposit that, and the last one, then going over to the Electric Company, paying my bill, and having things transfered. WOO!!Then i work again at 6. I'd be more upset about having to work again... if it wasn't overtime. :D Wooo!! time and a HALF! Yeeeah.

So, yah, i'm getting a new appartment too. It's two floor above me. :D lol. WOW, what a MOVE! maybe i should have looked harder for a new place, but there was next to no time by the time i even found a roommate. Sara's getting a single for 350, but that's way down in Fitchburg, and that's a bit futher then i wanted to live, honestly. *sigh*

So, anyways, that's where i've been. i hope everyone's well, and crap.


PS: I won't be getting internet back till the 12th, so the only way i'll be updating this is at friend's and at libraries.

July 25th, 2004

02:56 am: your allen needs your comments:
Here's a scenario for you, give me your comments, ok?

Lets say i call at, say roughly 9:30 saturday morning to ask you if the futon i've been keeping at my appartment for TWO YEARS for you, is something you want, or something you want me to pitch. you then call back, but i'm unable to hear/comprehend your messege.

SO, i then give you another call (#2 this same day) SAYING that i coudlnt' hear your messege, sorry, but did you want me to keep it?

You leave an IM, but i'm unable to read it, scine my father's on the computer. I call then, KNOWING you'll be there, so i can get an answer. Your roommate answers, i tell her that i coudln't read your msg (what with my dad and all) and if you're there so i can get a darn answer, and she tells me i, "need to not call so much." WTF?

Did i call to much??? HOW did i call to much, if i did? I...

GOD DAMN i hate it when ppl get fucking parinoid. I mean, if i had just called three times in one day to shoot the shit, YES, that's to much! If i'm calling about a specific thing, trying to get an answer.... i'm fucking pissed off.

Of course the fact that i'm working from seven pm sunday to seven am on monday is not a prospect i'm looking forward to either. That's why i'm trying to stay up later tonight.

SO, let me know, ppl, OK?


July 23rd, 2004

11:33 pm: So...
The lake was nice. It's been so long scince i've been up north. It was a good chance for my mom and i just to relax around each other... there's something so GOOD about being up there. I feel envious of my Tiad (welsh for Grandfather) had a job in which he was able to be up there every summer. :P

Sara's uncle just died, so it's not like i can tell her that i'm getting a little pissed off at being taken for granted, etc.

My dad's coming in the morning, and this place is a MESS! I think i'm goign to take a few hour sleep/nap and wake up early and start pick ing this place up.

I'm working 58!!! hours next week. four 12 hour, overnight shifts.

I'm really bad at flirting/knowing if it's hapening, i've noticed. *sigh*


July 21st, 2004

11:25 am: hiding?
So, here's what COULD have happened today:

I could've waited till around four, and have sara dictate to me that either A: She was going to be seeing her Boy, and breaking up with him; B: Seeing her boy and NOT breaking up with him; C: We could haev hung out, at which she woudl NOT be appreciateive of the Chicken dinner i would make (four course meal planned), and i'd get to hear her talk/etc about how she should break up with her boy becuase she's just denying her chances to be happy, and maybe go on a date or two with other boys... oh, BUT N0T ME!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry, i can get pretty fucking angry sometimes when life ain't fair).

So, instead, i've decided to SCREW that, and go to my cabin. Sure, i'll only be there for like, 24 hours and it's a 4 hour trip, but it's a SURE hell of alot better then being a "Shiksa"'s BELLBOY, and then listening to her bitch or not.

Honestly, i DO like her, but... she's got like a blind spot a mile wide sometimes. *shakes head* I'll have to... oh fuck you all, i'm going to the cabin.


July 20th, 2004

08:18 pm: *grumble*
ya know what i hate?

I hate when girls think i'm a "great guy" and yet consider me someone they could never date. I hate when a girl thinks that just because we're friends it means we shoudlt' date.

The BEST relationships are built on Friendships! Every Marraige is *SUPPOSED* to be the best of friendships!!!!


Sorry, just pissed off at a friend of mine. She's working up the nerve to break up with her current Boy, and yet will not even CONSIDER me. Is it something in-herent in ME that makes this so? I have to consider that possibility.


July 19th, 2004

12:34 am: Fucker
I fucking HATE it when people call me a LIAR!

So, i called my friend sara. Admitadly, it was a Stupid reason, but not a FALSE one! I was having a brain-fart, and couldn't think of a genre of movie to pop-in, so i called her. Why her, you ask? Becasue she was the only friend i knew would be by the phone. So, then her (gay, just so everyone is clear it's not that he was acting out of defense)friend David comes on, and tries to tell me it was *checks log to get exact quote* "the lamest excuse to call sara." An EXCUSE!!

There WAS no fucking Excuse! It was the REASOn! I didn't need to FABRICATE a lie! So now i have her friends trying to tell her that i'm doing something WEIRD and Stalker-eske now?? WTF??

I'm sorry if i seem uber-defenseive, but this shit has been pulled on be before by assholes. I dont' need them doing it to one of the best friends i've ever had.

Then the ass tried to say he WASN"T calling me a liar! To say i Fabricated, need to come up with an EXCUSE to call her, would be a LIE! A falsehood as to WHY i was calling! To SAY the fabrication would BE to lie! I DO NOT LIE! It is a Stain upon my Honor!

I'm not sure if i'm more angry at being accused of bein a Liar, or him poisoning Sara agaisnt me!

-an angry, albiet board, Allen

July 18th, 2004

12:31 am: another saturday at Best Buy:
I wont' go into the events of my morning. Ugh.

Anyways, hung out with my RPG-group. The guy i'm goign to be rooming with is from there.

Kind of a long day at work. Saw some people i knew. Two main things: One bad, one sad.

Sad first:
So, i was on the floor, and this couple stops me for help. That's cool, i'm glad to help. That's not the sad part. The sad bit was the... well, i dotn' want to sound insensitive. That's not waht this bit is about. To put it shortly, the man.. he had an... Irregularly shaped head. Small.. almost no chin, high on the neck... ANYWAYS: My point is that this poor guy. He must have been made fun of his ENTIRE life! Even at where-ever he works, you know that there's people who make fun of him, and people who think ti's funny, even if they dont' make the jokes themselves. That poor guy. It's not like there's anything he could do about it. *shakes head* I mean, i'm NO looker, i know that; however, i wasn't made fun of /that/ often in HS, or Middle School, or whatever for my physical looks. That poor guy. My heart really goes out to him. And his wife... well, though more... and i hesitate to use this word, because i knwo it'll sound mean, but more NORMAL looking, was far short of a looker. Very firmly on the low side of average. I just... well, i'm VERY HONEASTLY glad they found eachother, dont' get me WRONG! I just feel bad for them, if they ever think in the back of their midn that they... somehow SETTLED on each-other. That cant' be good for a marriage.. assuming they WERE. i didn't get their life-histories.

Now for the Bad:
Some punk-ass kids Stole today. I was up at the LP (Loss Prevention, aka Security) desk, helping out. One of the perks of working Inventory is that i'm the only other department trained in it. Anyways, we got a call from the Media people to keep an eye out on this group of kids, one of who had this GIGANTIC affro. we were immediatly suspicious when we saw he was wearing a Hoodie-sweatshirt. (it was very humid and hot today). We watched them, and i thougth i saw one of the kids, a fat one with a pink shirt, steal/hide/deposit-evidence. They went into a differnt department, but i kept the camera trained on them. That's when we caught one of them trying to open a security box with their teeth. I'm not fucking lying. Anywho, that's when we had sufficiant reason to call a manager. Maybe we should have done so earlier, but neither of us were full LP's. He asked them to leave, and they had alot of stuff on them they "left" in the store aftering being ACCUSED. little pricks. Even if they WEREN"T guilty, my GOD were they acting it! I never saw more nervous energy! That pink-boy either had to pee, or was the most nervous look out ever! and he never ONCE went near the bathrooms.

Anyways, i'm going to bed now, i have to work at ten AM. Sara left me an IM, so taht made me feel good. I like when we talk, even if it's just her bitchign TO (not at) me. I'd like to DO somethign with her one of these days though. And get your head out of the gutter, i'm specifically meaning, like going on a walk, or can-oo, or something. I'm hoping to pay her back for giving me a ride after my Moped Tire went flat (still investigating.. aka, havn't picked it up yet. :D), and it was all rainy, and Torrenty. Poor sara, i intruded into the only hour and half of alone time she got that day. I'm hoping to make her a Chicken dinner on Wed, if she's up for it.

I'm planning on Making 40-cloves-and-a-chicken, Chicken Rice-a-roni, garlic-toast, and i'm not sure on the fourth portion of the meal. Should it be a light spinich salad before the meal? Or should i searve a tastey carrot dish i can make in the microwave? I have a good recipie. I should add that this girl loves to just eat carrots out of the can. Yes, you read that right. :D I'd make corn, but i can't use the oven (the chicken) and don' thave access to a grill. Oh well, like she'll acutally let me make dinner for her. *sigh*

Well, hope you're all well, slackers. God, i cant' belive you READ all that!


July 15th, 2004

10:31 pm: work... reasons to love it:
1) Money
2) Girls
3) Girls (managers included) who wear tight cloths
4) Girls (managers included) who have nice bodies
5) Girls that dance at work. ;)
6) Money
7) Girls
8) sense o' accomplishment
9) My discount
and 10.... Being able to afford living in Madison. (aka, not with my parents, and the city in which all but two of my friends are in HighSchool! WOO!)

July 14th, 2004

09:05 pm: One of me peeves:
I Fucking HATE when people don't call back. Even if you're FUCKING busy, jsut call back, say, "Hi, got your call. I'm busy, but is it anything important?" Am i the only one with any fucking manners left in this fucking city?



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